Water and Wastewater Treatment

In order to ensure the efficient automation of all processes in waterworks and wastewater treatment plants, PMAS offers consistent solutions which are user-friendly and can be adapted.

Groundwater abstraction

Monitor and control groundwater wells with a turn-key solution consisting of modular control technology and function block libraries for water management. Flow meters are integrated and pumps are controlled as required.

Leakage management

Optimally manage pipeline networks and ensure consumption rates, without any unnecessary leakage loss. With GPRS monitoring systems, you can keep an eye on everything from the control center to the flow meter or globe valve in the field, and intervene immediately if required.

Long-distance water supply

In order to operate pipeline networks with as little wear as possible, the flow rate and pressure difference must be optimally set so as to minimize cavitation damage. Phoenix Contact offers solutions for monitoring all relevant parameters and for regulatory intervention, including visualization in the control center.

Wastewater treatment plants

Integrate the entire measuring and drive technology for your wastewater treatment plant in a high-performance process automation system from Phoenix Contact. Thanks to standardized remote control technology, modular controllers, and industry-specific software blocks you can still accommodate future adaptations