Johns Electric Company Private Limited has supplied synchronizing system for 2 x 1000 KVA DG sets (synchronizing panel) and 3 x 1000 KVA DG sets (DG set panels, synchronizing panel).
The first system of 2 x 1000 KVA DG synchronizing system was supplied in 1997 and is running satisfactory for auto starting, synchronizing and load sharing.
The other system of 3 x 1000 KVA supplied in 2003 is running satisfactory for auto starting, synchronizing and load sharing.
The software is controlled by SIMATIC S5-102U PLC and SIMATIC S7313 C PLC of SIEMENS make.

V. K. Singh (Factory Engineer)



Process & Machines Automation Systems (PMAS), Jaipur has supplied energy saving SIEMENS make systems for the following applications in our hotel. The following applications have shown energy savings….
1. Kitchen Exhaust: 15 HP
2. Kitchen Fresh Air : 10 HP
3. Laundry Exhaust : 10 HP
4. Laundry Fresh Air : 10 HP
5. Lobby AHU : 10 HP
It is more suitable in winters. The returns are within 8-10 months. After this period the entire saving is the bonus earning. We wish PMAS all the best in their endeavor to spread the energy saving concept to the society for the benefit of all.
S. Krishnamoorthy
Chief Engineer
Trident Hilton Udaipur

S. Krishnamoorthy (Chief Engineer)

Udaipur (Rajasthan)

ABC Paper

M/S Johns Electric Co. Pvt. Limited, Jaipur was awarded an order by us for synchronization of 2 Nos. 3 MW Turbine Generating sets and with grid 2 Nos. T.G. sets were synchronized to run in tandem. The T. G. sets were also synchronized by M/S Johns Electric Co. Private Limited with grid and the entire system is working satisfactorily.

V. K. JAIN (DGM Engineer)

Chandigarh (Punjab)


This is to certify that we have got control system designed, manufactured, supplied, having following features for our FRP manufacturing system.
1. Manufacturing control of FRP manufacturing machines (5 nos.) with heating zones.
2. The temperature control has been provided with PID loop control. The PID's are in built software components within Schneider's micro-3721 (PLC).
3. The pinch roller speed is controlled using drive (Schneider Make).
4. The monitoring of the system is available o PC provided with each (of five) machine. The program (SCADA) is tailored to meet our requirements and is made in     visual basic and the database used, is SQL.
5. OPC server has been used to interface the SCADA with the PLC real time data.
6. The SCADA provides following features:
    i- Temperature trends for all the zones.
    ii- Automatic and manual shift reports for all the shifts in addition to full day production report
    iii- Automatic and manual fault reports for each shift and whole day.
    iv- PID parameters (set and actual value) of each zone.
The above system has been commissioned on 05-01-2002 and is working to our entire satisfaction since then.
We feel that Process and Machines Automations Systems can be relied upon for the system operation and it's efficient after sales service.

Munesh Chandra (Plant Head)

SIKAR (Rajasthan)