Substation Metering

Remote metering at substation using Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)

Real time data from the meters at substation feeders is often desired for efficient operations and energy auditing. Viola's Substation Metering solution provides a single interface to connect with multiple meters using RS 485 bus with a single Data Concentrator Unit (DCU). Inbuilt communication and multiple driver addressing makes it the ideal choice for capturing data from multiple proprietary as well as standard Modbus / COSEM DLMS meters makes.

Typical characteristics of Viola's Substation metering solution:

  • RS-422 / 485 for connecting multiple meters on same bus

  • Bi directional communication for meter to data centre as well as on demand data request over VPN.

  • Human-readable text file designed for easy processing.

  • Easy to export to various formats e.g. CSV for MS-Excel and Databases.

  • Each result contains both meter- and local time stamping.

  • Local time stamping synchronized with NTP.

  • Compatible with optical meter probes.

  • Ethernet port for Ethernet-enabled meters.

  • Extending serial ports for IO capability.

  • Various options, control with Modbus or IEC-104 Supported meter-interface protocols.

  • Drivers can be developed for specific meter-manufacturer proprietary protocols (e.g. PACT).