Automatic Meter Reading

Automatic energy meter reading solution

Real-time data from distribution transformers and industrial consumers is needed for optimizing the network load, checking losses and improving the efficiency of billing.

Viola's Automatic Meter Reading Solution is an optimized concept for automated meter reading from distribution transformers and customer sites. Viola's complete AMR solution allows you to integrate your remote energy meters as part of your centralized meter data-management systems. It is constructed using Arctic AMR devices and the Viola AMR Server. It is ideally suited to retrofitting with existing electricity meters in energy networks. Arctic AMR is compatible with various proprietary and standard protocols such as DLMS / COSEM.

The complete solution includes an industrial-quality Viola AMR Server. Pre-installed software is built into it for secure communication between the central control room and wireless Arctic AMR devices connected to the meters on distribution transformers. The solution includes versatile system-monitoring features together with centralized data and device configuration management.