Arctic AMR for meter communication


The Arctic AMR is a solution-based device for automatic energy meter reading, optimized to the highest degree. It allows remote energy meters to be viewed as part of a company’s internal network. Automatic over-the-air configuration, firmware update and centralized device management of the Arctic AMR devices can be controlled via the Viola AMR Server. An energy meter provides a wealth of data which the utility can use for multiple applications, including distribution control, billing, reduction of commercial losses and improved efficiency. The Arctic AMR automatically retrieves all the meter data, stores it locally and forwards it to the Viola AMR Server via a mobile network-optimized secure data tunnel (ThinVPN). An integrated three-phase power supply reduces investment and assembly costs.

Key Features

  • Automatic over the air configuration, firmware updates and centralized device management with Viola AMR server.

  • Compatible with various standard existing meters and protocols, directly interfaced

  • Automatic over the air configuration by SMS,

  • Instantaneous tampering and outage alerts,

  • Automatic GPRS connection and watchdog for reliable communication

  • Inbuilt three phase power supply, operates also with single phase

  • Automatic TCP or UDP socket connection

  • VPN for secure communication

  • Reliable static IP based two way communication

  • Automatic forwarding of meter data at regular intervals, no overloading of SCADA

  • Compliant for future protocols, e.g. DLMS/COSEM...

  • Local meter data storage


  • The improvement of the quality of energy distribution

  • Reduces the capital expenditures in the grid by avoiding replacement of legacy meters

  • Facilitation of preventive maintenance and thereby direct cost savings.

  • Reduction of commercial losses

  • Automated meter data for billing system

Arctic IEC-104 Gateway


The IEC 60870 protocol family is a vendor-independent communication standard for the electricity industry. With Arctic IEC-104 Gateway conventional IEC-101 devices can be attached to a modern TCP/IP based IEC-104 control system. This is possible because of the protocol conversion from IEC-101 to IEC-104 (and vice versa) made by Arctic IEC-104 Gateway.

Ethernet, GPRS and EDGE network interfaces provide a seamless communication solution for most of the applications. Secure (Firewall, VPN) and two-way GPRS/EDGE communication (static IP addresses) is provided with Viola M2M Gateway or with mobile operator private APN service. Finally a complete solution for upgrading the communication system to take advantage of the efficient and low-cost IEC-104 approach.

Key Features

  • Ethernet and wireless network (GPRS/EDGE) interfaces.

  • Secure communication with internal VPN and firewall

  • Mobile operator independent static IP addressing with Viola M2M Gateway,

  • Self diagnostics for communication and for the device itself.

  • Packet compression for slow-speed links

  • IEC 60870-5-101 to IEC 60870-5-104 communication gateway.

  • Local IEC-101 polling of Class 1 and Class 2 events.

  • One RS-232 and one RS- 232/422/485 port (Both can be used in IEC-101 or transparent mode)

  • DIN rail mounting option

Application Example

  • Integrate existing devices to a modern control system with a field proven product

  • Use the IEC-104 eventbased communication instead of polling

  • Feeder automation

  • Substation automation

  • tility automation,

  • Reclosers

  • Protection relays

Arctic RTU


The Arctic RTU product family includes a number of Arctic RTU product variants. Arctic RTU products provide wireless monitoring and control of field devices via commercial mobile network connectivity to central control systems like SCADA. Several interfaces are available for field device connectivity: Digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, serial and Ethernet ports. Industrial protocols IEC-104 and ModbusTCP are supported for SCADA connectivity. With the Arctic RTU protocol conversion feature conventional IEC-101 and Modbus serial devices can be connected in a reliable way to modern TCP/IP based IEC-104 and Modbus TCP control systems via GPRS and EDGE mobile networks.

Key Features

  • Enhanced connectivity - Digital I/O and Analog input interfaces,

  • IEC-104 and Modbus TCP for centralized I/O system controlling,

  • In device, local IEC-101 and Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol conversion

  • Reliable and Secure - automated two way communication through the VPN tunnel

  • Legacy serial device connectivity - extends the life cycle of the field devices

  • Support for multiple field device simultaneous connectivity

  • No unnecessary site visits - automatic connection re-establishment in case of fault

  • Compatible with all operators and standard SIM cards,

  • Complete cost optimized static IP based RTU solution without commercial & technical risk

  • Aluminum casing with DIN rail mounting


  • Integrated communication solution with built-in IO capability.

  • Less field visits for operations and maintenance.

  • Centralized real time information and thereby timely corrective action,

  • Retrofitting of existing devices to extend the life cycle of existing equipment.

  • Dual field device connection using the same Arctic RTU device.

  • Optimal cost of communication

Feature 2910 2920 2930
GPRS x x x
EDGE     x
6-26 VDC input voltage x x  
8-48 VDC input voltage     x
Modbus ASCII/RTU to Modbus TCP protocol conversion x    
IEC-101 to IEC-104 protocol conversion   x x
Analog Input (4-20 mA) - - 2
Digital Inputs 8 8 6
Digital Outputs 2 2 4

Arctic Control

Remote Wireless Control for Electricity Distribution Network Assets


The Arctic Control Solution enables cost-optimized control and monitoring of medium voltage network assets such as disconnectors, load break switches and ring main units in energy distribution networks. It provides always-on wireless connectivity together with the intelligence needed for disconnector control and monitoring, and with supporting features such as battery charging and condition monitoring.

Arctic Control is also ideally suited to retrofitting into existing disconnectors and it sets up the existing medium voltage network for future Smart Grid requirements. The use of Arctic Control in distribution networks improves the quality of energy distribution and also reduces outage time and maintenance costs in affected areas.

Key Features

  • Control of 1-3 disconnectors or switchgears

  • Advanced battery control (Charging, condition monitoring)

  • Measurement of disconnector transaction time and energy

  • Motor protection, current measurement based SW fuse functionality

  • Protocol conversion from IEC 60870-5-101 to IEC 60870-5-104

  • 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet connector for various LAN applications

  • Always on two-way communication based on GPRS/3G/LTE,

  • Supports both local and remote use of disconnector,

  • Input and output connections to manage control operations

  • Easy LED display for disconnector and grounding status

  • Standard SIM cards can be used

  • Secure and reliable VPN and static IP-based two way communication

  • Easy configuration – over the air, via telnet or graphical user interface

  • Robust aluminium casing and DIN rail mounting

Application Examples

  • Control and monitoring of the RMU in the cable networks

  • Control and monitoring of the disconnectors in the overhead line networks

  • Transformer monitoring and metering in the secondary substations

  • LV quality metering and directional fault indications and alarms in the MV networks


  • Improves the quality of energy distribution

  • Reduces outage time and maintenance costs in affected areas

  • Enables remote control of legacy devices

  • Reduces capital investment by limiting the replacement of legacy devices

  • Extends the life cycle of the legacy disconnectors themselves

  • The improvement of the quality of Electrical Distribution: the length and amount of blackouts is reduced.

Arctic Substation Gateway


Arctic Substation Gateway is an industrial grade wireless gateway utilizing the high speed 3G networks (HSPA+) with quad band frequency support. When this is combined with the possibility for multiple field devices connectivity by Serial and Ethernet ports together with IEC-101 to IEC104 or Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP protocol conversion, Arctic Substation Gateway is the ideal solution for monitoring and controlling of devices at substation when high data bandwidth and low latency is required.

In industrial applications, reliability of the communication device and the wireless connection is essential. This is achieved by using sophisticated connection and self- diagnostics features of Arctic Substation Gateway. With Arctic Substation Gateway conventional IEC-101 or Modbus devices can be attached to a modern TCP/IP based IEC-104 or Modbus TCP control system via 3G mobile network. This is possible because of the protocol conversion made by Arctic Substation Gateway

Key features

  • Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP conversion

  • IEC 60870-5-101 to IEC 60870-5-104 protocol conversion

  • Possibility to use dual SIM cards for reliable network connection

  • Support for HSPA+ in 3G network, data speed up to 21 Mbps

  • Support for several encryption protocols for secure communication

  • 3-port LAN/1 port WAN switch for multiple device connection and connection backup routing options

  • Mobile operator independent static IP addressing with Viola M2M Gateway

  • 2 serial port (RS-232/485) for serial devices connection

  • Console port (RJ-45) for device configuration,

  • LEDs for status monitoring

  • Robust aluminum casing

Application Example

  • Distribution automation

  • Connecting RTUs and IEDs with low latency demands

  • Transformer monitoring

  • Substations

  • Connecting multiple remote devices demanding high data bandwidth

  • Backup routing for fiber optics and satellite communication in substations

  • Video surveillance

  • Live video streaming for high security critical assets