Feeder Automation

Viola's Feeder Automation Solution provides means for the utilities to reduce the frequency of power outages and faster restoration time by remote monitoring and control of medium voltage network assets such as disconnectors, load break switches and ring main units in energy distribution networks. It provides an always-on wireless connectivity together with the intelligence needed for disconnector control and monitoring.

Wireless connectivity is implemented via commercial mobile networks, thus reducing investment and operational costs. Used in conjunction with always-on communication from a SCADA system, this method achieves an ideal combination of local and centralized intelligence for real time systems in a cost-efficient way

Viola's Feeder Automation Solution reduces capital investment in the distribution network by limiting the replacement of legacy devices. It contributes to more direct cost savings by facilitating preventative maintenance. Arctic Control is also ideally suited to retrofitting into existing disconnectors. It enables remote control of these devices and further extends the life cycle of the disconnectors themselves.