Digital Safes
Fire Safes

All Yale Fire Safes are thoroughly tested by both internal laboratories and external testing institutes to withstand intense heat and humidity. These fire safes contain an additional "safe within a safe" insulation layer to resist most fire hazards, and are specially designed to protect extra-sensitive digital data on external hard-drives, CD ROMs, DVDs and tapes.

Certified Safes

The new Yale Safe collection, is designed to be even stronger, more reliable, easier to use and harder to crack. It is also designed to be good looking - although not the most important factor Yale has identified that appearance does matter. In fact the Yale Certified Safe range is possibly the best looking range of safes available today. Designed to protect cash to the value of £2,000 and valuables of £20,000.

Premium Safes

Yales security safes are of an exceptional standard and are developed with you as the customer in mind.

Elite Safes

Elite, designed for the class apart. Its unique design panel and LED display takes the user experience to next level. Elite's state-of-the-art security features and locking mechanism make it one of the most sought after home safes.

Guest Safes

Enjoy your security as a guest Yale Guest Digital Safe Series is a perfect solution for Hotels and Guest Houses. This Hotel Safe provides the primitive protection to your guest's valuables, with easy administrative managements - with a permanent master code, and, the digital safe can be ordered as a key-alike batch for easy hotel management. Yet not only act as Hotel Safes or Guest House Safes, This digital safe product is also a good choice for individuals to enjoy primitive protection with budgeted cost.

Standard Safes

Yale's standard safes are easy to use and available in various sizes.

Essential Safes

Yale Essential Safes, like an essence in your living, has all the basic elements in your home décor. This digital safe series provides a sleek yet featured security to your home. The Yale digital safes are simple to operate, which are easy to fit inside your wardrobe, place beside your bed, or underneath your desk.